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For while you wait

I just wrote an update to the About page, and I thought I’d share it here too:

This blog is called ‘Stay Awake’. It’s all about living the Christian life well, to ensure that when Jesus comes, bringing the new day of the new creation, we’re not found to be slumbering in bed.

We’re the bride, patiently waiting for the bridegroom; the doorkeeper, watching for our master; children of light, living for the Day. We’re awake, sober, armed and ready.

It’s a blog about that little, unfashionable, word perseverence. A small subject in most systematic theologies, but one that really encompasses what the Christian life is all about. It’s about making sure we’re ready to meet our King when he comes.

A broad topic to be sure, and in practice I’ll write about interesting topics wherever I find them. But to stop things becoming too theoretical, and to make sure that this blog builds up I’ve given the categories an escatological cast. To encourage us to live now in the light of the not-yet.

Please do jump in and get involved with what I’m writing – it’s good to have you aboard! Let’s respond to the hope that we have in Christ by encouraging one another, and building each other up.

For the glory of God!

keeping watch