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Made like God

An assembly talk for 4-6 year olds.

Good morning. my name is Sam and I’m a follower of Jesus.

We haven’t met before. But if I asked you who you were what would you say?

You’d probably tell me your name. And that’s great.

But is there something that all of you are?

Is there something that every person on the planet is? – a human being

What’s a human being?

The Bible tells us who we all are – it tells us what it means to be a human being. If we go to the start of the Bible we find that

God said, “Let us make humanity in our image, after our likeness.”

Let me tell you a story.

There was once a Father and a Son who were toy makers. They loved to create toys that were exciting and fun. They created tractors, and bricks and computer games and crayons and tea sets. They had great fun together making all these things.

But one day the Father said to his Son, “I know what would be really fun. let’s make a toy that is like us”. The Son said “if it’s going to be like us it would have to be able to talk like us and laugh like us and think like us and even be able to make things like us. If we made a toy like that, it wouldn’t just be a toy, it would be our friend.”

And the Father said, do you think we can do it? And the Son said, yes!

And so do you know what they did? They took a piece a normal piece of wood, and they crafted it together. They took extra care over it, because this was going to be a toy that wouldn’t just be a toy, but would also be their friend. And when they were finally finished, the toy woke up. And the father said to the toy “Hi. I’m the Father and this is my Son. We made you to be like us”. And they had. they had made a toy that could listen to them and laugh with them, and think like them. And over time they even helped the toy to make it’s own mini toys, just like them.

Boys and girls, we are a lot bit like the toy in that story. The Bible says that God has made us to be like him, and to be his friends. We can talk like God, we can laugh like God and think like God. We can even make things ourselves, a bit like God. We can’t do all those things exactly the same as God. But we can do all those things.

And that means that every one of us and every person on this planet is very special. We have all been given a gift, even if we don’t know it. God has made us, and he’s made us like him.

And that means that the best thing in our lives is doing what we were made to do. And that’s being God’s friends. Talking with God and laughing with God, thinking about God and even making things with God’s help. This is who we are made to be.

So let’s always remember this: that we are all made by God to be his friends.