Monthly Archives: October 2013

How to please Jesus in every way

In reading Paul’s prayer for the Colossians in Colossians 1:9-13 with a minister friend last week, we noticed 4 aims Paul has for the church (v10-13). Together they provide a rounded view of the Christian life. We thought they’d make a good application checklist as we share God’s word and ask him to change us through it:

  • how does this lead to us bearing fruit?
  • how will it grow us in the knowledge of God?
  • how will it strengthen us to endure?
  • how will it lead us to joyfully give thanks for God’s grace?

Paul says these 4 things will mean that we “live a life worthy of the Lord, and please him in every way.” (v10) Exciting!

The categories are something like:

  • hands
  • head
  • staying Christian
  • heart

To get there, Paul prays that the Colossians will be filled with all spiritual wisdom (v9). Which as we’ll see is found in Christ…